Serving the Akron, Ohio Area Since 1969
Founded in 1969, Blakemore, Meeker, & Bowler Co., L.P.A. has a long history of serving individuals, families, and businesses in Akron and the surrounding communities. The legal needs of families change throughout the course of life, and our firm responds to the potential legal problems, disputes, and issues that arise.
We are a firm that can handle all of your family's legal problems. We are a full-service law firm, offering services in personal injury, family law, divorce, business law, criminal defense, and more.

Accessible for Clients
Located in the beautiful Portage Lakes area of Akron, Ohio, our lawyers firmly believe that accessibility and communication is vitally important to our clients. We are reachable by phone nearly any time of day and night. We have office hours that are convenient for our clients, meaning you don't have to miss work to meet with us. Our law office is almost always open on Saturday Mornings. We understand that the legal matter or clients are involved in is probably the most important matter currently in their lives.

Experienced Trial Attorneys
Every area of our practice has the potential to require litigation. We are experienced trial attorneys-prepared, able to think on our feet, and persuasive in the courtroom. Having an experienced attorney on your side fully prepared for any situation can bring much needed peace of mind.

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To set up a free consultation with a lawyer from Blakemore, Meeker, & Bowler Co. L.P.A., CONTACT US ONLINE or call our law office toll free at 800-451-OHIO(6446)